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The SpineCor brace is a revolutionary new concept in the treatment of scoliosis. Past braces utilized rigid structures to physically apply pressure to the spine and force it back into a more normal position. The SpineCor brace is completely different in the fact that it is not rigid and does not force the spine to move.

SpineCor is a new breakthrough treatment for idiopathic scoliosis utilizing a dynamic corrective brace (DCB), clinical assistant diagnostic software (SAS) and postural measurement equipment (Freepoint). In worldwide clinical use, this new treatment has been shown to be effective in 89% of cases (either by stabilization or improvement in (Cobb) angle of the curve).

The old style rigid braces only target spinal deformation. Hence, when rigid braces are removed, there is a high likelihood that the spine will regress back to its original state. With the SpineCor brace the results are maintained out of the brace in 97% of patients. This far exceeds rigid scoliosis braces.

Unlike rigid braces where patients walk around like a robot, SpineCor allows patients to do virtually any physical activity they want, except swimming, in the brace. In fact exercise and activity are absolutely essential for the SpineCor brace to work. So the patient's lifestyle is hardly affected with the SpineCor brace. This is a huge benefit of its use.

The design of SpineCor happened through a scientific process based on decades of knowledge on scoliosis and its treatment. To Learn More About SpineCor Click Here.